This just in: people like shopping online! (copyrighted story, must credit MTR). Americans spent 6 billion dollars in online shopping last Monday through Friday, presumably lured in by a bunch of online sales (Cyber Monday and all) and just finding it convenient. That dollar amount is a new record. According to ComScore, we spent $18.7 billion in November and the first two days of December, which is an increase of 15% over last year. Now naturally, online sales are increasing steadily all the time, part of the ongoing effort to wipe out all physical retail stores (an effort spearheaded by the National Federation of Frustrated Guys Who Are Made To Shop). But a 15% jump is kind of huge. What’s causing it? Is the economy so much better? Is the Kindle that popular that it’s leading to a bunch of other sales?

Here is where I’d offer analysis but I have none. Witches?


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