Oh curious coders and Apple geeks. You give us so much computerized paleontology.

Geeks have been sifting through the hidden code in the latest update to iOS and they have found…what everyone already expected! Mention of the next three big products coming to the Apple lineup.

XML files buried within the release point to the next generation of iPhone and iPad, mentioned as, respectively, iPhone5,1 and iPad3,2.

The iPhone 4S is the iPhone4,1, for example.

Code also contains references to a device called the J33, which is believed to be a next-gen Apple TV. Recent Apple TV price cuts made by retailers in the States has led some pundits to predict the small black set-top box will be updated in the near future.

A new Apple TV was referenced as the AppleTV3,1 in previous iOS releases, so it's entirely possible J33 is something altogether new: Apple's own-brand television, perhaps.

Frankly, the iPhone 5 (El Cinco returns to the memo!) and the iPad 3 don’t really stun me all that much since, from what I recall about math, 5 naturally follows 4 and 3, in many cases, follows 2. But this is, I believe, the first non-rumor mention that we’ve seen of the iTV. It’s happening, Apple geeks, it’s all happening.

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