According to researchers at Facebook and the University of Milan, 4.74 degrees of separation is how many steps we all are from each other. So, Kevin Bacon is now 1.26 degrees more likely to get a restraining order on everyone. Big deal. That just means he’s that much closer to being slapped with a “do not enter my block” sanction of his own. Watch it Bacon.

The findings were based on the 1967 study conducted by psychologist, Stanley Milgram, which concluded that we are all six degrees from each other. The original study followed 267 people, but as the New York Times notes: “The new research used a slightly bigger cohort: 721 million Facebook users, more than one-tenth of the world’s population. The findings were posted on Facebook’s site Monday night.”

Keep in mind that, although lots and lots of people are on Facebook, even more are not connected, so the numbers can be inaccurate. Also, the term “friend” has gone through a huge change in meaning since it was used to connect people in Milgram’s experiment.