Yesterday in Pakistan, wireless providers were given a week to comply with a list of over 1000 banned words deemed rude by the country's telecom regulator. Carlin's seven dirty words made the cut for sure, but there were some other oddities as the Guardian reports like, "eight obscenities involving the word 'foot'." The article goes on to say: "While admitting that Pakistan's constitution guaranteed free speech, the regulator told mobile phone companies that such freedom was 'not unrestricted' under court rulings. Furthermore, said the telecom watchdog, they had obligations under their licenses to prevent 'obnoxious communication'." Ahhhh, freedom.
Officials also said that the list isn't finished, which means even more banned body parts. Example of a future text message in Pakistan: "Want to go see Daniel XXX Lewis in My Left XXXX? Should be XXXXXXX XXXX! Pick you up @ XXX."