To the tune of $775 million in its first five days making it the best selling game of all time. Since its an entertainment title, the temptation is to compare those sales to movies. Of course, a movie costs $10 and COD costs $60 so those dollar figures are not apples to apples but you could also look at the idea that people are willing to buy a $300 game console and a $60 game just to be a part of this thing. And the Call of Duty franchise is entering into some pretty hallowed territory, according to USA Today:
Since 2009, each new game has outsold the previous one: 2009's Modern Warfare 2 sold 22 million units (at least $1.3 billion), and 2010's Black Ops sold 25 million ($1.5 billion).
Modern Warfare 3's record pace should push the franchise well above $7 billion, bringing it within reach of the total global box office revenue for the Star Wars ($8.3 billion) and Harry Potter films ($8.6 billion). Those figures were adjusted for inflation, based on USA TODAY's analysis of data on

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