That's what Sony CEO, Howard Stringer told the Wall Street Journal. So what does that mean? A TV that's shaped like a huge pyramid? A gelatinous TV? A TV that's invisible but costs three times as much? Hard to say. We do know that Sony has been eyeing what's called a "four screen strategy" for a while, which would be a system of coordinating your computer, phone, tablet, and television in some kind of efficient way. Of those four categories, the TV is probably closest to Sony's area of expertise.

This also tells us that we could very well be at the dawn of a new smart TV arms race located in our living rooms. Apple is heavily rumored to be working hard on a new kind of TV of its own, something that would do to TV what the iPhone did to phones (smarter, app intensive, cooler design, probably a lot more expensive to start with). There's only so many ways a phone can blow your mind but the TV, aside from being flatter and bigger, hasn't changed much in a long time.

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