Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo! [announced an advertising partnership yesterday]( ). The deal is set to go into effect early next year and will offer bundled ad packages that span all three sites. The packages will be sold on "Class 2" sites, which typically have a harder time generating revenue, so don't expect to see a Prius banner ad flying across the homepages of MSNBC, Yahoo! Sports, and The Huffington Post. The deal makes unlikely bedfellows of companies that are usually at odds with each other, but when it comes to taking down the Googs (Goliath), David needs a slingshot and a rock. Still, if you run concurrent commercials on a rerun of the Gilmore Girls, a 2 p.m. Judge Judy, and Nigela Bites, it probably still doesn't get as many eyeballs as prime time Liz Lemon. Oh blerg!

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