The arctic white Coca-Cola can.
The arctic white Coca-Cola can. - 
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Jeremy Hobson: Starting today, Coca Cola is launching
white cans, as opposed to just the usual red. That'll help raise money for polar bears, which have been unofficial spokes-bears for Coke
since the 1990s.

But as Marketplace's Adriene Hill reports, it's not all about those cuddly polar bears.

Adriene Hill: The icons have huge value for Coke.

Peter Madden: Easily tens of millions of dollars.

Peter Madden is a branding expert with the agency AgileCat.

This holiday, Coca-Cola is still focusing on polar bears, but this time it's all about real-life bears and their changing Arctic habitat.

Katie Bayne is the president of sparkling beverages at Coke.

Katie Bayne: Kind of what we think big, iconic brands can and should do is point out things that matter.

It might seem a risky transition to associate soda with the plight of the polar bear, but Matt Scheckner from AdvertisingWeek says it's not the case at all. He thinks consumers will follow along and associate Coke with doing good for the environment.

Matt Scheckner: I think what the polar bears offer Coke is the opportunity to connect three things.

The head, the heart, and ultimately, he says -- the wallet.

I'm Adriene Hill for Marketplace.

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