Here are today's top headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report and from around the web.

President Obama wasn't able to get his near half trillion dollar jobs package past a filibuster last week. So Senate Democrats are trying to push individual planks of it through, to similar partisan failure. A bill to send $35 billion to the states so they can avoid laying off more teachers, firefighters and emergency responders also went down to defeat.

Shareholders could loosen Rupert Murdoch's grip on his company, News Corporation.

Leaders in Europe had promised to reach a grand plan by Sunday; now they are pushing it back by at least a few days.

McDonald's TV will soon debut at a fast food restaurant near you.

To West Sussex, England, where last week, an assistant to actor John Travolta called a local KFC to try to reserve a table for Travolta and his friends. The KFC employee who took the call said no -- Travolta would have to wait in line like everyone else. Which brings me to two lessons this assistant needs to learn: 1.You don't make reservations at KFC. And 2. You don't make reservations at KFC.

And in today's Mid-day Extra, we look at the ongoing court case between luxury shoe designers Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent over whether you can trademark the color of a shoe sole.

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