Shortly after Amazon announced that the digital versions of DC Comics will be exclusively sold in Kindle Fire format, Barnes & Noble and Books-a- Million retaliated and removed all their physical copies of the comic books from stores. If there's one group of people that like to take to the message boards, its comic book fans, and even before the dust had settled, the boards lit up brighter than the red sun of Krypton. Fans without a Kindle Fire are mad at Amazon. Others are mad at the two book stores for taking away their physical alternatives. Some are even getting angry with comic book authors. The New York Times reports that Neil Gaiman, author of several popular graphic novels, received "'a strange deluge of hate mail' after posting on Twitter about the dispute." The article goes on to say, "Mr. Gaiman, who said he knew nothing about the Amazon deal until it was announced, was critical of Barnes & Noble's reaction to Amazon getting a digital exclusive was to effectively give Amazon and the independent stores a physical exclusive as well, and then to publicize that."

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