Our Wednesday Tech Report is all about kids under the age of two and whether they should watch TV. What no one knows yet is whether they should be playing with computers, smartphones, or tablet computers. Maybe it's fine, maybe it's not. Too early to say. But one thing we know is that babies are playing with iPads a lot already. Here are some of the videos we found.

This one is perhaps the most viral clip of the moment involving a baby and an iPad. She tries to get a magazine to work the same way. It doesn't.

Here's a gamer approach. A little boy learns Angry Birds. At first I thought he was crying but it's more of a primitive yawp of joy.

Here's Bridger checking out the pad.

I'm not sure how much of the interface this girl really grasps but she sure has energy.

Just because you're cute, doesn't mean you're great at video games, BABY.

And finally, here's a two-month-old. TWO MONTHS!

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