Ford announced that all but one of its 2012 models will come with a text detecting feature that will sync with a driver's phone and read any messages through the car's stereo. Additionally, Ford cars going back to 2010, equipped with SYNC technology, will be eligible for an upgrade to this new feature. As for answering your texts, the system comes with pre-loaded, voice-activated responses. Seems a little clunky, but if it can get the guy who likes to sit in front of me, drive 15 mph, and swerve a little, to pay attention and go faster, then I'm all for it.

Also brings up a question that I'm not sure we've seen answered: what is it about a text message that is distracting? Is it the screen that you have to look at instead of the dang road or is it the substance of the message? Like, if you get a text talking about a party tonight where that person you like is going to be, are you more likely to get in a crash because suddenly your brain is no longer in the moment?