A runner running under a spray.
A runner running under a spray. - 
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Christian Crocker: My name is Christian Crocker. We're at Yogurt Mountain in Birmingham, Ala. First thing I find in my wallet is a free ice cream from Hamburger Heaven, here locally in Irondale. Ironic, because I work at a frozen yogurt place.

The next thing that's kinda interesting is a business card from my occupation in a former life, when I was a personal trainer. I'm also a certified life coach, and I keep a list of accomplishments in my wallet. So the biggest one on here, my wife and I got married in 2002 and five days after my honeymoon, I spent three days in a coma from a car accident that broke my tibia, my fibula, my femur. They didn't know if I could walk again. And after rehab, I wanted to make sure I could run a mile under six minutes again, which I was able to do before my accident. Two years after my accident, I got to where I could do that again. So if I ever feel down and wonder what I'm doing with my life, kinda helps me remember that I've accomplished a lot of stuff in my short lifetime.

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