The Marketplace Money Piggy Awards.
The Marketplace Money Piggy Awards. - 
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Tess Vigeland: Our little blue plastic friend is heading south and east to Decatur, Ga. from whence loyal listener Jamie Murdoch posed a question about a previous award winner. You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I honored German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a coveted pig after she pushed through the eurozone bailout package and possibly saved an entire currency.

Jamie Murdoch: I'm just curious if you actually sent her a real piggy. If not, perhaps my wife and I might deserve it. When we were shopping for our home in 2004 we chose a modest home one over one we could have purchased. Since then, we've since been able to max out both our 401(k)s, as well as build an eight-month emergency fund. While I can't suggest this at all compares with bailing out an entire country and possibly the world economy itself, we hope that Tess would be proud of the financial decisions we've made for our own micro-economy.

To the first question, I'm told our blue plastic friend is stuck at customs. Germans are quite particular about their pork, so it may be a while before we know his fate.

Meanwhile, yes, I am very proud of your financial decisions and find them solidly pig-worthy. And frankly your micro-economy is more important than the world's, because if you take care and plan for your own financial security, you can far better weather everything else that's going on around you. And pig tells me he loves peaches almost as much as he loves pennies.

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