A man walks past the London Stock Exchange, in central London.
A man walks past the London Stock Exchange, in central London. - 
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Steve Chiotakis: The protests against Wall Street have inspired activists in the U.K. to take aim at the heart of British finance: the London Stock Exchange.

Reporter Christopher Werth has more from London.

Christopher Werth: New York and London may be thousands of miles apart, but they're both global financial centers. And London is now drawing the ire of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Several thousand protestors are expected to gather near the London Stock Exchange tomorrow.

Naomi Colvin is one of the protest's organizers.

Naomi Colvin: There's obviously a huge appetite out there for something like this to happen in London because the financial crisis and the fallout from that has affected such an enormous range of people.

For example, youth unemployment in the U.K. is now expected to reach nearly one million, the highest since records began. And Colvin says many in Britain think average families are paying the price for an economic crisis she says the banks caused.

Organizers aren't saying much about how long they plan to stay. Like Zuccotti Park, the area around the London Stock Exchange is owned by a private company, which may prevent the protests from getting too close.

In London, I'm Christopher Werth for Marketplace.