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Bruce Hall: My name is Bruce Hall and I live in Pasadena, Calif. In my wallet, no cash. I've got my little TAP card to get in and out of the Music Center since I work for the opera. California driver's license, gotta have that. A little note saying there's a possibility I might go up and see someone do their theater in La Canada, Calif., 'cause they might want to use me as an actor. I do the boards.

When you say "boards," that means you work on the wood floors of the theater. It's an old term. That means you do live theater, on a stage. When did I get my start? Probably I would say when I was in college, probably 40 years ago. You know, I don't pursue it as much as I used to. I'm 60 years old and I'm just kinda hanging out at my job here at the L.A. Opera and so that's why I kept that little note in there. I might go up and just check out what the scene is.

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