Diginotar shuts down. That's fast. Diginotar is one of the companies authorized to issue digital certificates for secured transactions on the web. So if you do some online banking, the certificate is there to verify that it's really the bank you're talking to. It was a little over four weeks ago that people noticed that somebody had faked security certificates from the company. We talked about it a couple times on our show.

According to the BBC:

"DigiNotar's parent company Vasco Data Security said the firm had been put into voluntary bankruptcy. A trustee for the business has been appointed who will oversee the winding up of DigiNotar."

Over on the Naked Security blog, Graham Cluley simply writes, "there aren't many who will be mourning its loss." The company disclosed the security breach on July 19, but they knew about it weeks before.

Hey Diginotar: you had ONE JOB. ONE!

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