Sure, The Magic School Bus used to be all the rage. But in the 21st century, we have the jet-powered school bus.

The Lincoln, Neb. based bus boasts a 42,000 horsepower engine and a sporty red-flame detail over the standard yellow paint job.

Real-life flames even shoot out the back once the bus is kicked into high gear. Sadly, it might not be quite the right ride for getting your kids to school in time for the first bell.

The mastermind behind the invention, Paul Stender, took an F4 jet engine (a 21,000 pound thrust) and built a bus around it to appeal to schoolkids, thinking it would be "kind of neat." There are even three seats inside for the brave who are ready to take it for a spin.

It might not be able to park in a cloud or hang with the dinosaurs, but the bus DOES top out at around 320 mph in only a few seconds. Eat your heart out, Ms. Frizzle.

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