Here are today's top headlines from the Marketplace Morning Report and from around the web.

We'll get more details this morning about Bank of America when its CEO speaks to investors. There were reports last week that the bank may lay off as many as 40,000 as it continues to face big problems in its mortgage division.

It is Monday, but according to a new survey we should really call it "moan-day." Apparently, we spend, on average, 34 minutes complaining on Monday mornings compared with just 22 minutes on other days. The source of our Monday complaints, typically revolve around how much work we have ahead of us, or how much we already miss the weekend. The survey, by the way comes from the company Flomax relief. And frankly, it's just too early in the week for me to explain what Flomax does. So take a break from your moaning and look it up yourself.

Global shares are much lower right now. French bank stocks are getting battered right now because they're exposed to the Greek debt.

For two years, Newton Lake in suburban Philadelphia has been inundated with mystery donuts and bagels. Nobody knew where the floating food was coming from. But late last week, police caught a man with three trash bags full of old donuts, dumping them in the lake. The man worked for Dunkin' Donuts, and said he was just feeding the geese -- but that doesn't explain the hair nets and other trash he was dumping into the lake too.

And we just got word that McGraw-Hill is splitting into two companies. One will focus on global markets, the other on education.

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