20110909 september11vigil
As the twin tower tribute lights illuminate the sky in memorial of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a group stands in a candle vigil September 11, 2004 in Brooklyn, New York. - 

For our series this past week on the 10th anniversary of September 11th, we've tried to get a grasp on the economics of it. The costs -- real and perceived -- to our society and our lives.

We talked to an economist who said September 11th wasn't really about the economics or the costs. It was about our souls. We examined its effects on technology, our security, and our personal lives.

Today on the show, we decided to focus on that last one and present the stories of seven people who lived through that day in New York, to hear how it changed them.

You can hear more from each of these 9/11 survivors and others on our special series page. Just click on the images of each survivor to listen to their full account.

On our sister program Marketplace Money this weekend, we feature another collection of people who tell us how 9/11 changed their perspectives on the role of career and money in their lives.

And on our website, Marketplace producer Megan Larson writes about her experience living and working in Manhattan during 9/11. Her husband worked across from the World Trade Center and shared his 9/11 story with her.

We're sure some of you have your own stories to tell. We'd love to hear them. Use the comments section below to tell us how your life changed with 9/11.

And share your story about how 9/11 changed your life with our Public Insight Network: Be a source and share your insights.