Arianna Huffington appears to have won the glorious, public, smack-down within AOL over Michael Arrington's plans to both write about startups at TechCrunch and invest in startups at his newly created CrunchFund.

Looks like Michael Arrington is no longer an editorial employee - a reporter - or a columnist at TechCrunch. And he also has been booted out of AOL Ventures - at least according to the folks at Fortune .

I think Fred Wilson - a VC who also writes a blog - has the smartest take one this. Basically Arrington will be fine - he could walk out the door and launch a blog tomorrow and it would be widely read. He could also raise capital for another fund. The question is what do the other writers at TechCrunch do? Will they walk?

I for one am going to miss the show,

To get a sense characters the tech and media world who lost there jobs this week watch this short video of Carol Bartz telling Michael Arrington to f-off. Priceless.