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Erica Yurio: My name is Erica Yurio. We're in Brooklyn Heights and I just cleaned out my wallet, but there's still some stuff in here. Like, an expired New York State ID. I don't have a driver's license. What about a current one? Well, that would require a trip to the DMV.

This is a... I have a Staples receipt. I was planning a fake summer camp. I had never been to summer camp, so basically, a party we throw. And we have arts and crafts and we have a talent show and we have a camp dance and stuff like that. And this was all... If you look at the list it's four containers of glitter hearts, name tags, neon green folders -- so I could keep track of the camp budget. And it's just a huge party. But we're up at 10 a.m. for activities for kayaking or crafts or whatever we have to do.

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