In nine months, TV stations will have to comply with new rules the Federal Communications Commission announced on Thursday. The rules will require stations to include video description so that people who are blind can know more about the visual landscape of the content they're consuming. So, when there's an appropriate spot to break in, a voice will describe important visual elements on the screen.

From Hillicon Valley:

"The rules require the four national networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) and the five most popular non-broadcast networks (currently USA, the Disney Channel, TNT, Nickelodeon and TBS) to provide 50 hours of video description in prime time or children's programming per quarter.

The rules require all television stations and cable services to pass through any program's video description if they are able to.

The rules go into effect Oct. 8, but the stations have until July 1, 2012 to be in full compliance."

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