If you have at all been on Twitter, blogs, or any other media outlets, you know that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple yesterday afternoon. In fact today's show was about just that. There's a lot of speculation out there about what will become of Apple now that former COO Tim Cook is at its reigns. The short-term answer is that nothing much is going to change. As for a long-term look, it's hard to say. There's no doubt that Jobs has been the charismatic face of Apple for the last 14 years, but he's also surrounded himself with similar-minded people, so I'm going to venture this wild guess: Apple will be around for years to come.

It's hard to deny the effect Steve Jobs has had on our society. I know that sounds like a weighty thing to say, but it's true in this case. As Glenn Fleischman pointed out on today's show, the products and ideas that Jobs has ushered into our lives are huge: "We're unshackled from the kind of constraints that work placed upon us, or even play placed upon us. We're allowed freedom to do bigger and different things. And these products are made for people to explore their lives with, and because of that we connect and relate to these devices as much more than technology." It doesn't matter, whether you're a Mac or PC person. You have to respect the innovation.