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Jeremy Hobson: There's a report in this morning's Wall Street Journal that Sprint is going to start selling the new version of the iPhone this fall.

Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer joins us now, live from Washington with that story. Hi, Nancy.

Nancy Marshall-Genzer: Hey Jeremy.

Hobson: So, first off, what would a Sprint iPhone mean for Sprint and its customers?

Marshall-Genzer: Well Jeremy, assuming this Wall Street Journal report is true, it means Sprint customers would get some company. Sprint is expected to pick up a lot of new accounts because of the iPhone. Sprint had been losing subscribers to AT&T and Verizon, which of course do sell the iPhone. Verizon started selling it early this year. I talked to Roger Kay about just how big a boost this will be for Sprint. He's president of Endpoint Technologies, a tech consulting firm.

Roger Kay: Apple products really draw people, so Sprint can be sure to get a boost. And I would say, if you look at it on an annual basis they can probably count on a double digit boost.

Jeremy, I reached out to Sprint this morning to get their take on this. Sprint's main spokesman emailed back that, quote, "Sprint doesn't comment on rumor or speculation."

Hobson: And Nancy, what would this mean for Sprint's competitors?

Marshall-Genzer: Well looming in the background there is that $39 billion proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. It still needs approval from the federal government. This could give that merger a boost. Sprint wouldn't comment on that either. But Sprint has been one of the most vocal opponents of the deal, and now AT&T can say, hey look, Sprint is going to be a stronger competitor now. Hey federal regulators...our merger won't hurt competition, consumers can now choose among three companies that offer the iPhone.

Hobson: Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer. Nancy, glad you were able to make it in despite the seismic terror in Washington yesterday. Thanks so much.

Marshall-Genzer: We're all a flutter here, Jeremy.