Today the U.S. Defense Advance Research Projects Agency tests the Falcon HTV-2, a new plane that can fly 4 miles per SECOND. "The Falcon started life in 2003, part of a US military research project to build a plane that could reach (and potentially deliver bombs to) any part of the world in less than an hour." No word yet on how the test went, but the plane was supposed to be launched off a rocket from the edge of space and guided back to Vandenberg Air Force Base in California by technicians on the ground. Side note: an artist's rendering of the Falcon makes it look like a gigantic arrow - nothing wrong with that hurtling towards earth at 13,000 mph.

Sadly, there are no CURRENT plans to roll it out to commercial airlines. "This is your captain speaking, on behalf of the entire flight crew I'd like to welcome you aboa--whoops, we're already there."

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