Not that any strikes don't. 45,000 workers are on strike, slowing down repairs and installations. The Wall Street Journal reports: "The vast majority of the unionized workers serve as field technicians or in call centers. The strikers readily admit that they are stepping up their actions, including harassing replacement workers as they go on service calls." Verizon also claims that picketers have vandalized equipment.

Reuters says:

Verizon complained of network sabotage cases in the same statement where it said some picketing workers were unlawfully blocking Verizon managers' access to work centers.

A spokeswoman for the Communications Workers of America, representing 35,000 of the strikers, said the union "does not condone illegal action of any kind." The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, representing 10,000 strikers, also said members "are expected to obey the law."

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