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Jessica Wagner: My name is Jessica Wagner and we are in front of the L.A. Central Library. This is my wallet. It is a gold Coach wristlet. It's bigger than a standard wallet and this is what I have in it: Business cards, identification, credit card, chapstick and a Swiss Army knife. I work in property management, so it makes it easy if I need to cut something open. Or it also has a wine opener on it, so it's also very handy. I use the tweezers very often. I use the wine opener very often.

I won it at my boyfriend's company secret Santa thing and it was a very fierce fight for it. Luckily, I was one of the last people so I got to scope out all the gifts and I ended up with this handy little sucker here/wine opener. The knife is more for opening boxes or maybe jimmying locks if I need to at a building. You have to see if your building's secure, so what better way but to try breaking in yourself?

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