Yesterday, we wrote about Verizon teaming up with American Express to let customers buy stuff with their phones.

Now, T-Mobile is planning to launch a program later this month that will let users charge the stuff they buy online directly to their T-Mobile bill.

From PC Mag:

T-Mobile said that its direct carrier billing would apply to any purchase on any platform: PC, smartphone, netbook or tablet, and that it would be available from 'participating providers' using a T-Mobile mobile device. A spokesman for a billing partner said that the payment options are already built into the partner sites, and doesn't require the user to install any apps or third-party software. T-Mobile representatives said they didn't have an immediate response.

T-Mobile says they've got security systems in place and blocking to prevent youngsters buying things they shouldn't and according to PC Mag: "Spending limit management tools."

Does that mean I can ask my phone to keep me from buying another pair of shoes?

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