Faye Henn, 7, with dad Steve Henn.
Faye Henn, 7, with dad Steve Henn. - 
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Tess Vigeland: And now a bulletin for every parent of small children. Deflation has been a lingering concern in our economy. And it's starting to show up under your child's pillow.

Jason Alderman: We surveyed a thousand parents nationwide and found that the Tooth Fairy is leaving their children less this year.

That is Jason Alderman, director of financial education for VISA, which conducts this annual survey (PDF). The lingering economic downturn has apparently spared no one.

Alderman: $2.60 is the national average, that's down 40 cents from three dollars in 2010.

Wait -- kids are getting more than a quarter for their teeth? When did this happen? Well we conducted a somewhat unscientific poll of our own to find out what the kids think is going on here. Our sample size was two, so the margin of error is fairly slim.

Ella Henn is nine and the eldest daughter of our technology correspondent Steve Henn. Her insights?

Ella Henn: Tooth Fairy just thinks that the kids are getting too spoiled and they don't need three dollars for just a tiny tooth.

Her sister Faye is seven.

Faye Henn: I think the Tooth Fairy might be running out of money, 'cause she always gives kids money and then she might run out of it. Yeah.

Let's hope not, 'cause Faye's still got some tooth money coming to her.