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A collection of your debt ceiling limericks

Marketplace Staff Jul 29, 2011

Thanks to everyone who submitted debt ceiling limericks via our Facebook page and by sending us a message. Check out an interactive map featuring a history of debt-ceiling increases and catch our interview with David Lefkovits, who writes — you guessed it — economic limericks.

By Jane Auerbach

This budget disaster’s inciting

No end to the partisan fighting.

Our Ship of State’s tossed

…On these waves; all’s not lost,

But some small boats will find there’s no righting.

By Laura Shadle

My parents they always took care of me

they will love me unto eternity

but the country is broke,

…and I’m going to choke

when I give them their Social Security!

By Johanna Richmond

The GOP’s playing with fire

Not allowing the debt ceiling higher:

Their plan? Screw Obama,

…Inflict widespread trauma —

You don’t believe me? Ask the crier.

By Madeleine Begun Kane

I have many large bills to defray,

But our debt ceiling says we can’t pay.

“Increase me,” it squeals,

…But my wife says, “No deals!

We’ll default. It’s the Washington way.”

As the pols in DC vent their spleen

Over actions that should be routine,

Our land’s on the brink

…Of a crisis some think

Was created on purpose. Obscene!

Our nation’s in trouble galore,

And the last thing we need is some more.

Yet pols in DC

…Feel free to decree

“I shall get what I want. This is war.”

Dear Republicans, please cut your crap.

Enough with your “balance,” “cut,” “cap!”

While you’re busily bashing

Obama, you’re crashing

Our credit and markets. What pap!

John Boehner has made his aims clear

As the debt ceiling deadline draws near.

Doing good ain’t his role.

“Stop Obama’s” his goal.

What a cavalier, faux budgeteer.

The debt ceiling battle keeps going,

And the risk of default keeps on growing.

The GOP team

…Caused a crisis supreme.

And we’re all sure to reap what they’re sowing.

By Randy Hugh Farb

In the long run we are all dead.

That’s what my econ professor once said.

Nevr mind the debt ceiling,

…What we need is healing

From a future we’re certain to dread.

By Mark Kane

There’s an end to this Debt Ceiling Fight?

Alas, nothing’s quite black and white.

Each side makes its case,

If just to save face.

A pause, but an end? None’s in sight!

By Zak Katz

The GOP and the DEMs think their shrewd

but their politics go beyond rude

it’s Russian roulette

with the national debt

and frankly, I think we’re all screwed

By Mike Art Robinson

I’ve got a very bad feeling, That if we don’t raise the debt ceiling

By August 2 , and push spending cuts through

The markets will begin a reeling

By Laura Shadle

First we need and we praise it.

The debt ceiling, everyone okays it.

But why do we utilize

…A panacea in disguise

If we are only going to raise it?

By Jan Michael Alejandro

A Limerick For Tess

This lim-rick is written for Tess

Regarding the debt ceiling mess

Obama v Boehner

It couldn’t be planner

It’s business as usual, no less

Not Impressed With Brinkmanship

We’re not impressed with brinkmanship

We think you may just sink the ship

We the people say

Compromise today

Or watch us take a triple dip

Enough with the Accusations!

Struggling to pass legislation

Is partisan masturbation

You’re using scare tactics!

A you’re being didactic!

Enough with the accusations!

By Leon Schwartz

Debt Threat

Ronald Reagan piled up a huge debt.

Georgie Bush made it much huger yet.

Now they’re blaming Obama;

They’ve made quite a drama,

And Reagan has become their new pet.

Deal or Steal?

Our president hopes for a fair deal,

But his opponents prefer a steal.

They’d give more to the rich-

Leave the poor in a ditch,

And for health care their aim’s to repeal.

Whose Fault Default?

Republicans Cantor and Boehner

Seem to think that it would be saner

If the U.S. defaults

To fill up the vaults

Of the rich whose wealth’s the sole gainer.

A Political God?

Some loud pols claim that God’s on their side.

They announce it with manifest pride.

Reminds me of imams,

But there are Doubting Toms

Who such arrogant claims can’t abide.

By Wayne Tapia

A Group of Complainers

There is now a group of complainers

That is led by Congressman Boehner

They’ll slash all the funds

But keep all the guns

Now, you tell me which is insaner?

By Hal Ackerman

The Party of Tea

The party whose beverage is tea

Thinks nations can function for free

Don’t tax me, they say

But don’t take away

Any services destined for me

By Molly Moran

Kicking & Squealing

It’s too late to commence with mere purges

To make up for our spending splurges

Kicking and squealing

We will raise the debt ceiling

Even though Boehner’s numbers are turgid.

Bad to the Bone

Some doubt debt reduction alone

Is something Congress should condone

Without spending attrition

Existing propositions

Contain addition that’s bad to the bone.

More to Borrow

An austerity belt arouses mixed feelings

About proposals to raise the debt ceiling

If we’ll have more to borrow

I’ll start my diet tomorrow

In an outfit that looks more appealing.

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