HTC may have had enough in its patent dispute with Apple over smart phone technology. Bloomberg is reporting HTC, a Taiwanese phone maker is ready to put this legal battle behind it and pay up.
Why should you care? It means Android phones - maybe all smart phones - will be getting more expensive.
Right now Google gives away its slick Android operating system for free. That's a great deal for companies like HTC - which don't have to spend any money competing with Apple to get world class software. And it's a pretty sweet deal for consumers too because they get a cheaper phone.
It's not such a great deal for Apple because it believes HTC and Google are ripping off its patented technology. So Apple sued. Now don't expect Android phones to disappear - they won't. What Apple's after here is a competitive advantage - and maybe a little cash.
So if HTC settles with Apple it will probably still get the Android operating system for free. But HTC will have to pay Apple for using its patented technology. It's a win win for Apple and a lose lose for HTC. Not only will Apple get paid - but its toughest competitor will probably have to hike the price of its slickest smart phones.