We had heard estimates that G+ (those of us really in the know call it G+, also those of us who are lazy and don't like to type much) would hit 20 million users but it was from an analyst using a lot of extrapolation. Now Comscore is saying it and they're the ones who really specialize in this kind of information. Not only does Comscore say the number has been hit, they say it was hit within a WEEK of the original launch. Now, make no mistake: this is looky loos, this is people wrangling invites and checking it out and kicking the tires. Not all of them will stick around and chances are a whole lot of them won't (it's not the most intuitive interface, it can be kind of confusing what you're supposed to actually do there). But what this says to me is that Facebook may well be a fashion item. People want to explore Facebookesque alternatives.

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