That's not a typo. Less than 24 hours after finalizing a deal with Warner Music Group, the last of four major labels to partner, Spotify opens for business today. Free, ad-based accounts are starting out on an invite-only basis. Monthly restrictions on these accounts include a 20 hour usage limit (switches to 10 hours after 6 months) and no more than five plays of any one song.

Sound a little restrictive? It is! Supposed to be! Turns out Spotify has this crazy idea of charging money from customers and then keeping some of that money for themselves. Capitamalism I think it's called? Kooky!

$5 per month gets you no ads, unlimited usage and unlimited plays on the web. For $10 a month you gain access on your mobile phone and a few other perks.
There seems to be an abundance of places online offering free 6 month trials if you sign up to be spammed or something.

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