They're not. Poor dears are confused. According to a new survey by Retrevo, 34% of iPhone owners think that they're on a 4G network. It's likely that at least some of them were thrown off by the fact that the previous iPhone was known as the 3G, so the iPhone 4 must be the 4G, right? So when you hear about a 4G network, that's ... what... I... have... right?

But it's not just Apple. 24% of Blackberry owners also erroneously think they're on a 4G network.

Of course, a majority of phone owners in the survey said they don't CARE what network they're on as long as it works. So maybe the whole thing about network speed is just a load of hooey that people aren't buying.

"We will not pay for such hooey! This hooey is too expensive!" - People.

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