Apple has been selling the tiny little Apple TV set top box for a while now. Costs $99, you can sync it with iTunes, Netflix, YouTube. The next step might be to sell an actual TV. That's the increasingly noisy rumor going around. UBS analyst Maynard Um thinks it could be huge for Apple and inspire the same kind of fanatical loyalty as the iPad and iPhone. To do that, of course, the set would have to be different enough to really set it apart from what's out there. But imagine an HDTV with full web integration where you could stream whatever you want or hop over to broadcast and cable when you chose. AND picture it designed by Apple so it looks cooler than any other TV. Apple is said to be developing this already. Question now is timing. Rumor has it that the Apple TV would be launched at the same time as a mobile Genius Squad to come out to your house and hook it up.

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