Zynga is launching a new privacy initiative called PrivacyVille that is a "game-like tutorial that rewards players with the company's virtual currency zPoints in RewardVille for learning more about Zynga's privacy practices." This sort of seems like the drudge of life as imagined by an 8-year-old boy, minus the screeching tire noises when walking around corners. I'd like a 'Ville for cleaning the litterbox and remembering to buy TP. Or maybe a game called VilleVille where you check in on all the Ville games that you're playing. That would be fun until someone came up with VilleVilleVille.

Also, it turns out 1% of Zynga customers provide 25-50% of the company's revenues. Holy smokes! There's no way to put numbers in all caps. So let's try this: ******25-50%***!!!!!oneoneone!!!.

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