We get these periodic reports from Comscore
that indicate exactly where the trends are going in terms of personal electronics, particularly smartphones. Rarely do they contain shocking surprises but they do offer numbers to back up what we already thought. In this case, man alive is Blackberry going down. It slipped from 28.9% market share in February to 24.7% in May. Meanwhile, Microsoft got hit too, slipping form 7.7% to 5.8%. That's not quite 2% but when you're already that low, that's pretty big, especially since Microsoft's entry in the market is only a few months old. Android was happy to gobble up those lost percentage points, rising from 33% to 28.1%. Apple gained modestly. It really is coming down to just Android and Apple. Those are the only platforms that matter anymore. Everyone else is getting strangled right out of existence.

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