The Marketplace Money Piggy Awards.
The Marketplace Money Piggy Awards. - 
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Tess Vigeland: And finally to this week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award. Our little blue plastic friend is heading to
the Lone Star State. We've heard these stories throughout the show, about that first moment of financial independence.

Well, earlier this week, I challenged my followers on Twitter to tell theirs in a single tweet. Katie Derrig @wonderfulbutler said it was "starting first post-college job, realizing that the retirement planning handout applied to me."

But this week's piggy winner summed up his moment in just a few words: "took my parents out to dinner." That tweet from Art Callaham @FrCallaham of Lufkin, Texas. I love this because I think we can all relate. That first time you're able to pay for something for mom and dad who've been footing the bill your entire life, up until then. Course, my dad still battles me for the bill. Anyway, @FrCallaham, a pig is on the way, and he's not financially independent at all.