So what, so it's a video game that's on a phone, big deal. Yeah yeah, I know. But I think this says a lot about Microsoft right now. Angry Birds has been available on iPhone and Android for a long time. It's been downloaded 250 million times. It's available on desk tops now, it's available as stuffed animals, there's a MOVIE in the works. And it's JUST NOW getting to the Windows Phone. Microsoft got in some trouble late last year when it debuted the Windows Phone and showed an Angry Birds icon. Rovio, the company that makes the game, asked Microsoft to remove that icon because Rovio hadn't actually committed to making the game on that platform. Ouch! Then the game was supposed to arrive in late Spring and here it is Summer and it's just now showing up.

Look, the Windows Phone might turn into a real player, especially for businesses, especially after this impending team up with Nokia and especially if MSFT ends up buying BlackBerry, but as a consumer phone it's dancing the Charleston while the world does the Dougie.

Also, Microsoft is selling it for $2.99. You can get it on iPhone for $.99.

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