Emily Henn in Colorado

Google's launching a new search site www.wdyl.com -- What Do You Love (wdyl, get it?). The site allows you to search a wide range of Google products for things you love, all in one click. So I typed in "Emily Henn," the name of my loving and beautiful wife.

What did I get? Scores of links -- including; "Explore Emily Henn in 3D." Mercifully there were no results found. I could also measure the popularity of Emily Henn on the web, buy all kinds of Emily Henn stuff, scour the earth for Emily Henn, watch videos of Emily Henn, find books about Emily Henn and plan my Emily Henn events.

You get the idea. A one-stop shop to access all the information about any given topic stored in Google's massive and expanding electronic brain.

But I've got to say -- "Google, I serve with Emily Henn, I know Emily Henn, Emily Henn is a friend of mine. Google, you're no Emily Henn. And despite your best efforts you don't know her that well either."