The guy whose petulance previously led to changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol and writing "Slave" on his cheek, both out of protest to his record label, is again saying he's had it. This time out he's eschewing spectacle and instead just says he's quitting. Prince says he won't record new music because a) piracy b) he doesn't like the sound of digital music c) he's Prince. He says the only people making money right now are Apple and Google (seems a wee bit off given that he's headlining a big tour right now, which would seem to bring in a dollar or two).

And because it's about Prince and because you probably need something to get you going on a Monday, here's the Chappelle masterpiece sketch about Prince and basketball and pancakes.

Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: Prince from Anthony Dufrense on Vimeo.

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