LulzSec had warned the world a while ago that they would start going after political targets as part of a program called Operation Anti-Security. Now they've released a torrent of documents stolen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety detailing various police operations. It contains information about police efforts to infiltrate motorcycle clubs, protest groups, neo-Nazi organizations, and more. The hack appears to be a spear-phishing operation, where individual users on a network are targeted, tricked into clicking on an infected link, and they then provide a gateway to the hackers. Officer names and passwords were shared, many of those passwords being really dumb passwords like 12345 and rosebud. LulzSec appears to have been motivated by Arizona's widely criticized immigration laws. LulzSec is shifting away from being pranksters who target video game companies. This is getting hard core and when you share information about cops identities and activities, people could get killed.

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