This final note today, in which Ohio governor John Kasich puts an in-your-face exclamation point on the just-ended NBA season.

Dallas beat Miami and LeBron James last night in the finals, 4 games to 2. James -- as even the non-basketball aware among us know -- left his hometown club, the Cleveland Cavaliers, for Miami last summer amid great hoopla.

Which is why the official proclamation by Kasich today was so great. Here's just a part of it, whereas it says, "NBA FInals MVP Dirk Nowitzki chose to re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks, remaining loyal to the team, city and fans for whom he had played his his entire career. Now, therefore, I do name the Dallas Mavericks honorary Ohioans."

Marketplace angle? None, really. Just thought it was pretty funny.

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