A man puts a card into an ATM in Fayetteville, N.C.
A man puts a card into an ATM in Fayetteville, N.C. - 
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Tess Vigeland: And this final note today -- TGIF-style. A look back at news of the week with stories that didn't quite make the headlines courtesy of Rico Gagliano, Brendan Francis Newnam and select members of the Marketplace staff.

Rico Gagliano: John Haas, editor, what story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

John Haas: All the tech blogs are talking about a prototype alarm clock that would have a built-in shredder. And you place money into the alarm clock and if you hit the snooze and don't get up in time, it shreds your dollar bills.

Gagliano: But this is not for sale yet you're saying?

Haas: No, but the mock-up photos that are online simulating $100 bill being shredded.

Gagliano: Gets the point across.

Haas: Definitely. Fortunately it does not exist, I would lose so much money.

Gagliano: I would lose a lot of sleep. I don't think I would ever fall asleep out of fear.

Brendan Newnam: Avishay Artsy, assistant producer for Marketplace, what's your story?

Avishay Artsy: A woman in Pennsylvania goes to take money out of an ATM and her hand gets sucked in.

Newnam: Wait. This really happened?

Artsy: Yeah. It took firefighters to get her out.

Newnam: All right. So who's going to say it, you or me?

Artsy: Yeah, it cost an arm and a leg.

Newnam: I was thinking that this identity verification thing has gone too far.

Gagliano: George Judson, managing editor, what story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

George Judson: Well there's a company up in San Francisco called Hipster.com. They're hiring and they're offering a $10,000 hiring bonus.

Gagliano: All right.

Judson: A year's worth of Pabst Blue Ribbon, over-sized glasses, skinny jeans, a bow tie, mustache grooming.

Gagliano: All the accoutrements of being a hipster is what you're saying?

Judson: Yes. Exactly.

Gagliano: Public radio should do this. They could give you like. you know...

Judson: A Prius.

Gagliano: Or a Volvo.

Judson: Or Birkenstocks. I actually have Birkenstocks. It's not just a stereotype.

Gagliano: Wine club.

Judson: Cheap wine club.

Gagliano: Yeah. And a year's supply of tote bags. That's not negotiable.

Vigeland: You can hear more of what Brendan and Rico have to offer on their podcast, Dinner Party Download. Oh, beware of those ATMs.