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Easy Street: Everyone Wants a Piece of Goldman

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Easy Street is our daily roundup of the most interesting news stories and commentary about Wall Street, Washington and the curious world of finance. You can see more of what we think are the biggest stories of the day on our News in Brief page. Every day, you can download Marketplace’s daily show on iTunes and follow us for more headlines at If you want to listen to Marketplace on the radio, find your local station and time here.

Bankers & Finance

If you’re a regulator right now, you are probably figuring out how to get a piece of Goldman Sachs.

Bank of America’s mortgage documents have a persistent problem.

Markets & Traders

You know how you get to downgrading things and you just can’t stop? Moody’s had that with Japan, maybe with U.S. banks, and Greece.

Commodities and golf.

The market has the memory of your average goldfish. One bad jobs report doesn’t freak out investors for very long.

Fund Managers & Investing

That one investor who wanted to pull out of SAC Capital stands alone. The fund is up 9%

Politicians & Regulation

The debt ceiling debate is still dragging on. Interminably.

Corporate America

Chrysler may not pursue an IPO.

Related: The U.S. auto industry bailouts may cost the country $14 billion, even though the automakers are now doing much better.

The Economy

What a default of Greece would look like.

Unemployment during the Great Depression is not as bad as you thought.

Recreational Reading

20 tough interview questions?

This 100-year-old woman has a 98-year-old bank account. Her bank manager just threw her a party.

Today is national doughnut day. Indulge.

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