Twitter has rolled out a follow button to be used on websites. So now if you're at, say, and you want to follow that entity on Twitter, you can click and go. I picked IMDB because that's the example that they're using on their announcement item. It's kind of like the now-ubiquitous Facebook Like button but there's a key difference. When you Like something, it doesn't mean you want to hear from it all the time. I can't see the Twitter button being used much on big sites but it could do well on blogs, which are the things people used to write. Before Twitter.

Google is said to be debuting its +1 button today. It's the Google version of the Like button. So you click it on a site that you enjoy and then that site will get better placement in your search results and to a lesser degree the search results of others.

So if you want a web experience all crowded with annoying buttons: your dream day is here!

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