You went to a barbecue, maybe. Perhaps did some yard work. But hackers? They hack. There was an attack on the PBS site over the weekend that included a fake article about Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls alive and living in New Zealand (which is nonsense, everyone knows they live in an underground bunker in Las Vegas). The hack was apparently in retribution for PBS's Frontline documentary on Wikileaks, which some felt cast alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning in a negative light. The hackers want attention and apparently can't accept other people not saying precisely what the hackers want them to say so they act like total babies and hack sites.

Meanwhile, Saturday featured revelations from Lockheed Martin that the company suffered a massive attack earlier this month. Hackers accessed the network through the VPN client but the company says they caught it early, secured the network, disabled the VPN and everything's fine.

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