Apple unveils new software for iPhone and iPad
Apple unveils new software for iPhone and iPad - 
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JEREMY HOBSON: Samsung is seeking a court order to make Apple show it upcoming models of its products. Samsung says it needs the sneak peek to defend itself against an Apple lawsuit that charges Samsung with copying.

For more on this, let's bring in Nilay Patel, who's a tech journalist with

Good morning.

NILAY PATEL: Good morning.

HOBSON: What exactly is Samsung demanding from Apple?

PATEL: So Samsung is demanding to see the next version of the iPhone and they're demanding to see the next version of the iPad. And the reason they're asking for it is because Apple was just granted the ability to see a few of Samsung's new products.

So Samsung is basically saying Apple gets to see our new products we want to see what Apple has in the works as well.

HOBSON: And is there any chance that a judge would actually say 'Apple you have to show your future products to Samsung?'

PATEL: The likelyhood is low. The key difference is that Samsung had already announced all of these upcoming products, they just hadn't been released to the market yet. Apple doesn't talk about new products until Steve Jobs pulls it out of his pocket on a stage. Right? So, that's a big difference.

I think ultimately the judge will say, Apple hasn't announced anything yet so you can't ask for things that they haven't even shown the public.

HOBSON: What does this tell you about the tech landscape generally, that we're seeing lawsuits to get the competition to show what they're doing?

PATEL: I think it shows exactly how cut throat mobile has become. Mobile is the next big pie for all of these companies to get a piece of. And there's no one winner yet. It hasn't reached a point where you have a Microsoft on the desktop.

People don't like lawsuits, but they're a sign of a healthy marketplace. They're a sign that the competitors in the marketpalce are trying to figure out exactly what the bounderies of competition are.

HOBSON: Nilay Patel, tech journalist with Thanks so much for joining us.

PATEL: Thanks for having me.