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Katharine Terry: My name is Katharine Terry. I like in Birmingham, Ala.

We are right now at the Davis Center Birmingham Board of Education. Not very much money, but a whole lot of other stuff. This is my Social Security card. You can tell it's old because the edges are all torn and wear it's blue, it's turning yellow. It's turning old and yellow like me.

Terry laughs

About $30, driver's license, AARP card, checkbook, pictures of my kids and my grandkids. I have three kids -- one son, two daughters. I have six grandchildren, ranging from the age of 19 to seven.

A powder sponge is something that's different from the way ladies put their make-up on nowadays. And when people see me pull it out to get the shine or sweat off, they laugh, "Where in the world did you find that?" Most people, if you're not in your mid- to late 50s, 60s or whatever, you wouldn't know what a powder sponge is. Do you know what a powder sponge is?

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